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The Daily Rhino
Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Well I DID tell you it was the best
THE NUS (National Union of Students UK) and Daily Mirror have announced the nominations for the prestigious annual National Student Journalism Awards 2005. And guess who made the cut? Yeah baby, the hottest medical newspaper in the land - if not the WORLD - has been shortlisted.

No muthafunkin studentBMJ, a publication so boring that nothing interesting can escape its gravitational field.

No Student BMA News, the most lame exercise in lameness since the invention of the word 'lame'.

In fact, we're the only medical publication on there. Many of the other nominations are run by journalism or English students, often with sabbatical editors who take a year off to run the paper, but Medical Student is run entirely by full-time medical students with no formal journalism training. And whilst I'm taking the piss out of the BMA's shitty publications, let me add that they have ZERO medical students on their staff - we beat paid professional journalists whose ENTIRE JOB is bringing out that tripe. Looking through the nominees, there isn't much London representation at all. But good to see our big sister London Student nominated too, well done Alexi and co.

Medical Student has already garnered a ULU Laurel, presented by the Princess Royal and I'm hoping we'll have some more silverware...but we've got stiff competition.

I'm sure none of you are interested in the above ramble. But I never miss an opportunity to show off.

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Gondar. Chobita ki aapnar ?
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