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The Daily Rhino
Monday, October 24, 2005

Swingin' chicks
THE DR ain't that knowledgeable about golf, but he keeps up to date with it and watches a fair amount. He plays off a triple-figure handicap and can never get the crazy golf windmill hole in less than four. But whoever you are, you'd be hard-pressed to have missed the hype surrounding Michelle Wie. She's sport's hottest female property at the moment and may even surpass the equally tall and skinny Sharapova as sport's highest-paid woman. But whose heard of Kiran Matharu?

In the era of Sharapova, Woods, the Williams sisters and our own Andy Murray - sport is as much about the 'pushy parent' as the prodigy. Amarjit Matharu's family arrived in the UK one year before his birth and now he is driving his 16 year-old daughter to the big time. However, the difference between the media icon of Michelle Wie and the relatively unknown Matharu is stark. Both are 16. Both will have turned pro at the age of 16. Amarjit says "If Kiran was American, she'd be red hot news".

He does fit snugly into the overbearing pushy parent though, he never allowed Kiran to play off ladies' tees and he put her in the highest levels of competition as soon as he could. He can recall her scores from a host of tournaments, but doesn't know how many GCSEs she passed.

India Today's latest issue carried a piece on India's hot young golfing stars, including a few girlies. Despite Kiran lamenting "I've tried converting my friends to it, but they all think it's boring", we can look forward to a bevvy of brown golfers as the women's game really tees off.

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