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The Daily Rhino
Sunday, February 19, 2006

Beer and the golden tetrahedron
I FINALLY found some ads which I've long thought are pretty amusing. Greene King IPA was specifically brewed for Brits out in India during the Raj, towards the end of the nineteenth century and it is now the most popular cask ale in the UK. It's not all that easy to find, but when I've had it, it's been a very nice pint, goes well with mild Indian food but I still prefer a Kingfisher if I'm dining desi. Their website explains that a large amount of hops were used to give a preservative effect, hence allowing the beer to better survive the long sea journey to India. The beer proved so popular it was never exported to India. Hence the ad campaign:

I've also recently been poring over travel literature. The cheapo-trek-adventure-type agencies gave me some catalogues. Below is a page from one showing the GAP Adventures staff. Travelling the world as a backpacker, roughing it from country to country and taking months off work to do so seems an almost exclusively white preserve in the UK. There are stacks of pictures in all the catalogues and almost everyone is white. More than that, I'd hazard a guess that they're all middle class. A RTW trip lasting for months on end is practically a rites of passage trip for white guys with a generous Dad. Just going by the crude measure of my friends, the ones who've disappeared for the best part of a year to ride camels in India, bungee jump in New Zealand and trek through the Amazon Jungle have all been white. I don't know why other ethnic groups don't seem to take up the opportunity.

Anyway, it was with some interest that I saw no less than five desi faces on the page. Great! Most staff at these adventure companies have been on some trips themselves. So what do these five trailblazers do?

Iftikhar Khan, Sandeep Kumbare and Gajalini Ganesh - Accounts.
Megha Kumar and Mohiuddin Talukder - Web development.

Accountancy and IT. All they need now is an in-house doctor and an engineer and the holy quad will be complete. All I can say is, long live the Mutiny.

, , and what the hell,

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So, in Britain...is a cask like a metal keg or is it like a cardboard cask you have for horrendous and cheap wine ("goon")?
Real cask ale is a specific type of living beer which re-ferments in the cask - or keg. Most are big metal barrels but some brewers still use wood. The Ram Brewery near where I study still uses a shire pony and cart to take the barrels to local pubs. This is in the middle of London, not the outskirts.

The cardboard wine boxes we call cartons, I guess. Or boxes. Or shit.
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The good folks at today’s Pilsner Urquellking tours have designated October 5, 1842 as the exact date that Groll turned lager beer on its head (yes, pun intended). Groll’s creamy creation was described as a lager beer with brilliant clarity, somewhat lighter in body—and most unusual as compared with typical dark lager beers of the time—it was golden-colored. In the next few decades, this golden beer would sweep through Europe, making its way to Vienna in 1856,

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