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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Bollycool Retro
retro chic

cover and booklet

THE back to black series has re-released classic Bollywood soundtracks with a nostalgic twist. Each CD looks just like a miniature version of the original vinyl.

The CDs also come with a booklet recording the milestones of Indian Cinema as well as synopses of a few key movies, all from an era past.

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I need to buy this. Is Amazon selling it?

Thanks for the promo.

I am getting little bored with Sepia Mutiny as well as Desicritics. There is too much sanctimonious stuff, hypocrisy, grandstanding on both the boards.

Jai and Vinod kill me. So do some others. Ennis's agenda is pretty shakey too - maybe, understandabe but still shakey. I am little confused about Anna too.

On Descritics, god, the hypocrisy is fresh from India like a fresh jalebi or rasgolla. But Aaman and Deepti Lamba are good.

The only reason I even return to places like Sepia Mutiny often is perhaps people like Saheli, Gujudude, Abhi, Manish, DesiDancer, and yourself.

Then, do check my articles on Desicritics once a while.
Hey. Not sure about where to get this - my girlfriend picked it up in India, but you can try online.

About the other boards - SM is SM, for me the good still outweighs the bad. I'm not on there as much as I used to be, more due to time constraints than anything else. Which is also the reason I haven't put anything up on Desicritics, I would like to. I have read your pieces too, but sometimes the sheer volume of stuff on that site is overwhelming and there's a lot of shit I have to say. I suppose it's lucky I don't have much time to use the Internet then!

When you say Jai and Vinod kill you, what do you mean?
"When you say Jai and Vinod kill you, what do you mean?"

Jai = he pretends to be cool and all that, in the end, he on this self-styled vigil as a defender of faith. That is all OK and kosher but still, it is transparent. Maybe, then why even pretend to be badmash (a wild man).

Vinod = Too much of Ayn Rand, Islamophobia, and hard to understand sentences.

These are just opinions.

I guess I should think more Uma Thurmans, Bipasha Basus instead of.........Better use of .....
so this is where the party relocated to ;)

I definitely agree with you, Kush, about desicritics. I give them props for what they are out to do, and definitely they're drawing a crowd. it just doesn't appeal to me, personally... and I find I spend zero time there because of it. I live in NYC-- there are plenty of angry or hypocritical people to deal with on a daily basis, I don't need to seek it out online :)

and so we hang out at the Rhino and hope for more pictures of back bacon...
Partay! Well...three people. As DD says, it's often time that limits what can be read and what can't. Hence we tend to make a priority to check the sites we know and enjoy.

Jai's OK Kush, but I agree with you about the defender of the faith role! I tend to avoid religious discussions with him, esp. about Sikhism. But otherwise I think he's a good guy. Vinod I don't really know that well, in that I haven't formed much of an opinion from what I've read.

I don't know about more pictures of bacon, but you'll always find plenty of flesh here :D
I need to start putting some pictures - the one I spend quite a bit of time thinking.

You know I made my blog for two things which I haven't done recently: a) to do drawings, and b) write travelogues. Do check my Botswana download sometimes, and real story about Cheetah hunt.

Deep down, I agree Jai is a good guy.

Right now, I am really enjoying the Bollywood discussion on Sepia Mutiny.

Right now, if you go to Desicritics, you will see guys who gang up and bash muslims - it is very sickening inspite of Aaman and Deepti Lamba fighting against it.

DD, we have a clique here.
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