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The Daily Rhino
Saturday, October 29, 2005

Things you probably won't be showing your kids: Part II
#4 The Arctic Ice Shelf and the Polar Bear

MOST of the coastline along Russia and Canada's north is ice-free in summer, which is a distinct change from the recent past. Most people have heard a great deal about the ice caps melting - but a vicious cycle is often overlooked. The expanding Arctic Sea absorbs more heat than ice. Ice reflects a large amount of heat from the sun, but the liquid water absorbs it and slowly transfers it to the ice, actually accelerating the process. The more ice melts, the faster the remaining ice will follow suit. The melting Arctic Shelf also spells the end for the polar bear, which lives on the ice and hunt for seals whilst swimming between ice masses. Polar bears have already started to drown whilst looking for food as they have been unable to find ice to rest upon. Predictions see all the ice in the Arctic melting by the end of this century, but the polar bear could be extinct 50 years before that.

#5 The Three Gorges River Valley (China)

The massive, and I mean MASSIVE, hydro-electric power-generating dam on the Yangtze River is China's single largest feat of building since a certain wall and the biggest dam in the world. Having been started in 1997, it should be finished in five years. Behind the dam a new lake will be formed. Four hundred miles long - we're talking Great Lakes size. The gorgeous Three Gorges valley will be flooded, as will 13 cities, 140 towns and 1,300 villages. Some ancient archaeological sites, the river dolphins, sturgeon and over 6000 species of plant (57 are endangered) will also be sadly lost.



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This is a great section, great concept. Of course, it also makes me cry.
Thanks Bubbles. I'll do my best to keep it going!
tie dye t shirt
but polar bears are so cute! :( this sucks.
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