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The Daily Rhino
Friday, November 18, 2005

Free publicity for all!
FIRST up, a friend of mine. There must be four..nah three...actually probably only two people in the world who can dance better than me. Thankfully one of them is a pal called Anthony King, who is officially the best Michael Jackson-style dancer in the UK. He's been hired by Sony and Maverick Media for a Playstation ad for JakX, one of their latest games. The ad is a gentle piss-take of Citroen's Justin Timberlake C5 dancing Transformer commercial and was made using the same motion-capture technology.

Click here to watch the ad, which has currently been viewed over 81,000 times on the Viral Chart.

Next is 2005: Blogged. Tim Worstall, one of the UK's best bloggers, has produced a complete round-up of 2005 as told by the best of the blogosphere. 2005 has been a tumultuous year and Tim (along with The Friday Project) has put together an opinionated and diverse collection of writing from the best journos, ramblers, ranters, ravers, thinkers and hacks the world has to offer. Surely a perfect Christmas present. Just the sort of book to dip into whilst on the train or on the throne. I would be excited about such a book anyway, but the real reason it's so fantastic is cos I'M IN IT, INNIT!

Buy it direct from Amazon. The first review of the book has just gone up here.

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Hello Sir...it's Anthony King here...firstly..Thankyou for this, over 100,000 views online so far!

Also (2 things)My website is up (www.anthony-king.com) and even better...the current "Miss World" (Unna from Iceland) was actually one of my dance students!She's hot indeed.
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