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The Daily Rhino
Thursday, January 12, 2006

Medical students go on rampage
MEDICAL students at Lucknow's King George Medical University have ransacked university and hospital property in protest over the death of a classmate.

Second year Deepak Agarwal was injured during a convocation-rehearsal in a building still under construction. He received a blow to the head after falling from a platform and later died in hospital. His colleagues have alleged negligence on the part of the doctors who treating Agarwal, claiming that he received inappropriate treatment.

"KGMU Vice-chancellor Mahendra Bhandari told UNI here today that the incident was unfortunate and the student was given the best available treatment.

"As we were still to install ultra modern medical facilties in our hospital, the injured student was shifted to a well-known private nursing home," he said.

Meanwhile, KGMU Junior Doctor's Association general secretary Devesh Shukla said that Deepak died due to delay in medical treatment provided to him. He demanded that the authorities should also clarify why he was shifted to a private nursing home."

As the news of his death spread, hundreds of students went on a rampage on campus. They torched vehicles, damaged medical equipment and college records dating back one hundred years - the university is celebrating its century this year.

Rapid Action Force officers had to be called in order to re-establish calm but all roads to the university remain blocked by students, who are demanding 50 lakh damages for Agarwal's family.


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Totally unrelated but I've got a new comic up on ye olde blog. Tell me what you think.
Now This kind of story is glossed over at PP by Pakistani contributors... why?
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Yes torching medical equipment is certainly a wise way of ensuring future patients and emergencies are dealt with efficiently.
jesus christ.. are you kidding me?
here's what else happened in lucknow the past few weeks (from Sangama, a Bangalore group):

"According to Lucknow Police, under the guidance of Ashutosh Pandey, SSP
(Senior Superintendent of Police) they got into *www.guys4men.com* - a
contact website for homosexual/bisexual men. They also said that by
*posing as homosexuals*, they collected information about many
homosexual/bisexual men and invited many of them to meet at a public
park in Lucknow on the evening of 3rd January, 2005 and *arrested 4
homosexual/bisexual men* who turned up for the meeting."


there's probably more press if you look. there have been demonstrations and press conferences across india.
Hey Saurav, long time no see. Thanks for the links. It all seems like business as usual for Lucknow and places of its ilk to be perfectly honest.
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