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The Daily Rhino
Monday, January 02, 2006

Nostalgia just ain't what it used to be
CLEANING out my room unearthed this corker of a postcard:

Also recovered was a 1996 issue of my school newspaper with an article I wrote aged 14 entitled 'Eastern Promise'. Titles like that were forgivable back then. Here's an extract:

"Only a few years ago, the modern second generation sub-continental music widespread in Britain was bhangra. Real bhangra is traditional Punjabi folk music, but the bhangra of Britain, pronounced in a broad Birmingham accent, was most probably invented in the black country along with balti - which actually means 'bucket' in Hindi. This cheesey blend of Punjabi lyrics, squeaky synthesisers and borrowed rhythms was an unfortunate episode.

Now the story is different. The Outcaste Collective plays the Notting Hill Arts Club every Thursday and Earthtribe run Sitar Funk monthly at The End club, both with similar break beat styles. But the most well known DJ/producer/collaborator as of now is Talvin Singh, who runs the grooviest night in what Newsweek called the world's grooviest city; an Asian Affair at the Blue Note. Monday night is Anokha, where DJs mix in Indian lyrics, sitars, veenas, santoors and tablas with drum & bass."

That was ten years ago. It's amazing how so little has changed; a lot of the same names are around and the Notting Hill Arts Club is still the venue for one of the hottest desi nights around.

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I just love the postcard! :))
Couldn't help oberving the strategically placed cushion!
It's crazy isn't it Neha? I love the soundsystem in the background, soo retro it's painful! And nice spot Anand...who knows what happened once the photographer left.

Playboy was so cool back in the 70s (I say as if I was there). It went downhill from the 80s onwards.
I MUST have a copy of that!! Amitach is the icon for all desi 70's cheese and man-swagger. (think the John Travolta walk)
that postcard looks like it was on the sets of the movie 'Milli' ,I remember there were even similar cushions...

ur room sure seems like a treasure trove of nostalgia.
Umm.. and I thought that was on sets of Abhimaan...
Nice postcard though..!
The dude is totally right, and there is no suspicion.
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