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The Daily Rhino
Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Mile High Club Sandwich
ATTENTION Mumbaikars and Londoners! From tomorrow, Air India (who have been suffering with the recent boom in Indian airlines) have announced they will begin a food festival aboard Mumbai-London flights.

The 'Gourmet Flights' will run until the 31st of January and passengers will be presented with a choice:

"Two types of menus — comprising vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies — would be served to the passengers of the first class, executive and economy segments during the period.

...the festival has been organised by Air India in collaboration with Taj Sats Air Catering Service and the unique feature of this service is the passengers’ preferences that would be prepared in front of them instantly by an on-board chef." [Link]

What's even cooler is that passengers will also be able to watch the dishes being prepared in the airplane's kitchen! Is it just me, or is anyone else wondering where they're going to find all the space?

Whether the experience will be more akin to eateries in London or Mumbai remains to be seen. It could be an authentic Indian feast suitable for the most discerning of Maharajahs. Or it could be "forty poppadoms, eighteen vindalooooz, ten kooreez, nine Cobras and twenty Kingfishers. Cheers luv!"

Ah a man can dream.

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Air India is shit man. Stinky outdated aircrafts, non-extent inflight entertainment and horrible air hostesses. They can sometimes make you feel like some lowly scum! Only last April I happened to on a regular AI Mumbai London there was hardly an inflight TV that worked and this was supposed "executive class".

Next time you travel with AI just see how the Air Stewards pay more attention to goras and leave us to fend for ourselves!
Speak for yourself my friend! I'm fair and lovely, I could pass for a gora!

Nah, I kid. I'm actually a veteran of the skies and A.I. comes low on my list. It's all about Kingfisher when it comes to Indian airlines, otherwise Thai, Singapore, Gulf, Emirates are all top. BA is like AI - rude and matronly stewardesses. KLM is my least favourite, I hope they go bust.

But most of the time I fly the crappiest airline I can find. I'm not fussy.
well even tho i'm of fairer complexion (though it hardly matters), they'd never treat me the same as goras!

OT the much need Airport provatization plan has been stopped dead in its tracks.
btw i kinda love the fair and lovely line. can u do an atricle with Indias obession with a silly fairness cream!
and also one about bongs going bonkers over ganguly!
Fair & Lovely is funny. I think I may write about it!

Bongs finally lost their patience with dada, until he backtracked on Ranji.
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