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The Daily Rhino
Friday, December 30, 2005

Looks and talent - unrelated

Remember Roy of the Rovers?

Remember Pelezinho?

Meet Ronaldinho Gaucho.

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Hey Rohin, would you mind working on the webcomic for NG with me? I just don't believe in my twisted sense of humor and I'd love to have someone to bounce ideas off of before I post anything.
I haven't found an artist yet, I scoured deviantart for the last 4 days looking for Indian artists, but haven't got a reply from one. The only person who replied was white check out her gallery here:
Just saw Quiffman's email address in the post below.
Well, we'll see. Nothing's set in stone yet.
Also, do you know of any social software/website where an artist and writer could collaborate? You know like my artist can post sketches and I can look at em and then comment and so on. I guess deviantart would be one way, but I'm thinking of something more private. Some people recommended LotusNotes to me. I dunno.
Sort of like an online whiteboard.
Thing is bub - the Quiff's not a Bollywood man, so if that's what you're after I doubt he's the chap. Anyway, talk to him.

Don't know anything about your second question though.
I emailed him he hasn't replied back yet. He doesn't need to be a Bollywood man. I could care less if he knew anything about bollywood. As long as he likes movies its cool.
You think I care about bollywood. I haven't watched a Bollywood film since 2002. I mean that.
Ever heard of the Sokal affair? Wiki it and you'll see what I'm talking about. Sure I've reviewed films like Mangal Pandey, but I didn't see em. Yet my review is just as legitimate. Besides, the comic isn't going to be for/about bollywood. I hate to say it, but its going to be more python-ish, not some harmless little funny webcomic, Ja vat fun ve have.....
Hey Rohin, go check out my DA (dark arts) gallery at anangbhai.deviantart.com
Its a special edition comic.
You don't know how glad I am to hear about you not liking Bollywood, I hate it! I just felt obliged to write something cos I figured Naachgaana's overwhelmingly Bolly, despite a few Western movie posts. TBH I think my passion for movies has been waning as of late. But anyway, I watch a few Indian movies (rarely proper Bollywood) but my gf acts as a filter. If something's good, she lets me know. That happens about once a year.

I like what you've done with Quiff's pic, but er..dude, don't you have to credit him? Cos deviantART's all about putting your own work up. I mean, it's your work now, but in collaboration. Just cos he's a mate of mine, got to look out fo' him yo!

I had heard of Sokal, but only recently - I wrote two articles for a newspaper about the rise of pseudoscience.
Dude, he's proper credited in the image at the top. But I guess I should put a credit down below as well.
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