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The Daily Rhino
Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Party that Launched a Thousand Ships (well, 3 so far)
SOME good news amongst all my usual doom and spite. Nihal Arthanayake - BBC TV and radio presenter, DJ, journalist and, most impressively, friend of The Daily Rhino, started up a club night entitled Bombay Bronx a little over a year ago. It has since been a showcase for performances by everyone who’s anyone in the British Asian music world (and occasionally some from abroad). Since the Boxing Day tsunami, Nihal announced all proceeds raised would go towards charitable causes in Sri Lanka, including building some fishing boats - which are vital for the coastal fishing industry to regain its sea legs. He sent me a few pics which I thought were pretty damn cool, to see that for all of us who attended, we have actually produced something tangible to people thousands of miles away. All we did was party.

Proceeds from Bombay Bronx are now going to the Kashmir Quake Appeal.

Listen to Nihal's programme 12 months on from the great wave.
Take a look at a bunch of pictures I took when I spent a month at tsunami relief camps in March.

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Boy those Sri Lankan pics were cool. Man i'm really ashamed that all i gave to tsunami relief was 20 quid.

BTW Your blog rocks man.
Hey, at least you gave. And 20 quid's fine when you're not earning. Don't worry - there will be more natural disasters you can help with once you have a paycheque!

Cheers for the compliment fella. I haven't really been able to spend that much time on it - but if you stick around, over time I'm sure you'll see that a) not all lefties think the same and b) we share a lot of opinions!
Wow you know Nihal? That pic is really cool, I can see Bombay Bronx II int eh background! Both you and Nihal deserve credit for your work, I hope Sri Lanka and other countries effected are doing better a year later.
Dude, I was gonna ask you. Do Nihal and Bobby do podcasts? We here in america are always 2 years behind desi music. I don't think even Tigerstyle has taken off yet, even though Sean Paul copied their Girl from Pakistan beat.
Can you point me to some good podcasts btw?
Only one radio show on Radio 1 podcasts at the mo, and I'm not aware of any plans to podcast that many more shows from the station any time soon. I know quite a few people have asked for B&N podcasts. I'm afraid I have nothing to offer in terms of advice, for as someone who owns no MP3 players I have let podcasting pass me by entirely.
Come to the next Bombay Bronx, next Sunday.
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