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The Daily Rhino
Sunday, February 19, 2006

Everywhere I've ever been
I THOUGHT I'd seen loads of places. Turns out there's a lot more.

click to flick

Or as a map created by World 66 (thanks, flygirl)


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Bong...flygirl from the Mutiny. Hmm, better map than the one I found. You'll be adding another one in April. Drop us a line when you come to Oz :-) Micro Mutineer Meetup Down Under?...
That's nuts. I mean, crazy! I didn't even know you had a blog, leave aside do the exact same idea! Wow, great minds and all that. Didn't realise there was a service to create a map automatically. So how come you don't link back your name on SM?

I will be adding another four countries over the next few months, and re-visiting some old ones. Drosophila-sized meetup sounds cool but I'm barely in Oz for that long...and not venturing out of Sydney on this trip I'm afraid. I'll have to return on another trip.
Ah, so you made it yourself! That explains it. I wish the myWorld one would allow me to map the exact places but I can't be bothered making one myself.

I don't link to my name because..my blog is..shall we say...a little, ah, underdeveloped.

Sounds like a great trip - are you going to make it to New Zealand? I hear it's rather pretty...I don't reccommend spending more than two days in Canberra on any trip ;-) so if you're stretched for time. Enjoy Sydney, it's a beautiful city.
Indeed made myself. Was a bit bored and I do anything to avoid work. Didn't take too long - I wanted to make a 3D version on my wall, but that seemed like a lot of effort. I'm quite proud of my 27 countries - one of my sole aims in life is to always keep it above my age.

'Fraid Canberra's off the cards. If I was going to go, I guess I would look up the rellies. But I have no desire to see them. NZ will only be a stop-off I'm afraid.

PS - Your blog may be "underdeveloped" but bonus points for all the cricket (sepia is a cricket desert) and saying you like Kundun!
I mean to say "so if you're stretched for time, don't waste it there(here)." I'm clearly not a native. Make sure you go to Manly beach in Sydney.

I like the 3D map idea and may pursue it, great idea....

I think I hit Cricket 24 x 7 through your blog. Shame it didn't cover the VB series. You're right, Sepia is a bit of a desert when it comes to that - what's with those American Desis, eh? Heritage, people, heritage ;-)
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