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The Daily Rhino
Saturday, February 04, 2006

I have attained Nirvana
THE Grauniad had a great piece yesterday, but I wasn't able to post it up till now. I happened upon a fantastic new take on the London Underground map via the equally fantastic Londonist.

Each line represents a different genre and important interchanges between styles correlate to seminal artists. Enough of me talking - check out the article or download the pdf. I was rather pleased to find hat Kurt Cobain is (was) my neighbour, as my local station's Nirvana. But I study at The Game, how fucking depressing. It's an awesome piece of work, despite everyone being bound to disagree. Like Finlay Quaye ? Nah...

Most who know me know I'm a devout fan of Boing Boing, but I try never to re-post things here I'm sure people will have already seen them. However this video was the funniest thing they've run in ages. I wish I had the narrator's accent, everything's funny with that accent. The video is archive footage of British soldiers being used as guinea pigs to test out LSD. The best bit is:

"The efficiency of the rocket launcher team was also significantly impaired."

Rocket launching on acid. Brilliant.

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I can't believe they have a John Cage neighborhood! Please tell me that it's an undesirable part of town-- because I detest John Cage and his bleeding pretentious "chance" music. vomit.
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