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The Daily Rhino
Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Shilpa and Shakespeare cockroaches
I HAVE received a bunch of emails from this guy, who must've got my address from Pickled Politics. The most recent simply had this post's title as its subject and is re-published below. I figured it needed to be shared with no alterations at all.

From: Our revenge for Shilpa Shetty
To: rohin at pickledpolitics dot com
Date: 03-Jul-2007 20:41
Subject: Shilpa & Shakespeare cockroaches

Dirty English = Shakespeare cockroaches

Stupid English = Humpty Dumpty

Shilpa should have abused back her uncivilized english abusers by insulting them as, Shakespeare cockroaches and Humpty Dumptys, but unfortunately, she did not know it. Otherwise, if she had known these two remarks, she would surely have insulted back her tormentors with the remarks of Shakespeare cockroach and Humpty Dumpty.

We are now spreading this message in the Indian community all over the world. We request all our fellow Indians to use the insults of Shakespeare cockroach and Humpty Dumpty, each time they come under abuse and refuse to suffer in silence. If you do not respond abuse with abuse, then the racist remarks used by uncivilized and evil english will continue and will grow further. If you abuse back with the remark of Shakespeare cockroach, then the uncivilized english will think twice before abusing you.

This is the only practical way to deal with the abusive and evil Shakespeare cockroaches and Humpty Dumptys, who are the biggest fascists of the world. England is a fascist country and we now call it, Nazi England.

We love our Shilpa.

We hate Jade Goody, the Shakespeare cockroach.

We hate Jade Goody, the Humpty Dumpty.

We hate Nazi England.

Very very very angry against Shakespeare cockroaches,
Rajesh Kumar & friends,

1) Shakespeare cockroach
2) Humpty Dumpty


Shakespeare cockroach is a humiliating slur against the dirty english and is used against all english people. Those english who have no brains and are stupids, are called HUMPTY DUMPTYS.

Shakespeare cockroach is a very very humiliating slur against all dirty english.

Humpty Dumpty is a very very humiliating slur against all stupid & brainless english.

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Shakespeare cockroach ?? i have heard it several times in london. nearly all my friends use it regularly to insult the english in public. on my part i cant do it because my girlfriend is english. if you have got this man's email address pls post it here. i want to contact him.thanxs. jai hind. MAHINDER, london.
I must admit that i dont like the english at all. I found them very nazi minded people. I get called paki & poppadum all the time by these cockroaches in the streets and also at work. Now i will also insult them as shakespeare cockroaches, each time these cockroaches abuse me. Thanks for posting this great information. I am telling all my friends about it. We should all use this remark against the fascist english. England is the greatest fascist country of the world.
Vinod, Fascist London. Vinod hates Fascist London.
If we can degrade the white english by calling them shakespeare cockroaches then can we call their prostitutes Cockroach prostitutes ? Or would it be shakespeare prostitutes ?

London is full of Cockroach prostitutes and i see them in every part of the city.
i hate the english. i found them as the biggest nazis of the world. i support your campaign of shakespeare cockroach.
Shakespeare Cockroaches
Churchill Cockroaches
Thatcher Cockroaches
Harry Potter Cockroaches
Humpty Dumpty Cockroaches
Marmite Cockroaches

English, Scottish & Welsh are called all above names.
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