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The Daily Rhino
Sunday, November 27, 2005

Star Dust

WHEN my girlfriend was reading Shobhaa Dé's biography a few years ago, she seemed little more to me than a glamorously toothsome model-turned-hack. Shobhaa Dé, not my girlfriend. But watching an old Koffee with Karan re-run I realised I love this woman.

Karan: Which is the worst Indian film of recent times?
Shobhaa: Bride and Prejudice.

Karan: Who is the worst dressed Indian woman?
Shobhaa: Aishwariya Rai.

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I still hate her, trendy fake bitch that she is. Its becoming very fashionable to beat up bollywood nowadays (see Page 3) in that self referential way, kinda like 50 cent advocating his street cred even though his street cred is trademarked by his record label.
She is right about Bride and Prejudice, although the upcoming Zinda could take that prize away real soon.
I hope Oldboy's producers sue the shit out of Gupta.
Dude I don't really know the first thing about her, I just loved hearing those comments from someone relatively high profile. And hey, she married a Bengali so she has good taste!

Perhaps beating up on Bolly has become a bit of a trend, but if it makes filmmakers raise their game I'm up for it. Although I doubt that it will - that will happen as a gradual process.

About Zinda. Heard about it but you've prompted me to find out more. Fuck man, I just watched the trailer. Oh. My. God. Are you sure they haven't got the rights from Chan-wook Park? It's fucking identical! He even eats Chinese fried dumplings! What's his name? Oh Dutt-Su?

Excuse me while I go and bang my head against a wall.
Haha, just found a comment of yours on Naachgaana. I hope you do frikking meet that penis. Right, I think this deserves a post.

Oh and look on the right hand side >
Bride & Prejudice really IS the worst movie of the last several years. That answer is not debateable.
Well look who it is! Hello hello. I thought someone took that name?
whoever the poser at blogger is, who stole my name-- I bested them. Dishoom, bitches!
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