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The Daily Rhino
Sunday, December 11, 2005

Gone Missin'
THE not overly-attractive Miss Iceland won the competition which seems to have taken permanent residence in China ever since 250 people died in Nigeria after a foolish hack said the prophet Mohammed would've liked to have boned a few of the contestants.

Hammasa Kohistani (right) was reppin' the perennially under- achieving England at Miss World 2005 and as the first Muslim to represent England she garnered plenty of column inches and of course a few
death threats. Indeed another Muslim girl had been in the race for Miss England and was advised to pull out by Liverpool's Islamic Institute. A friend of the DR's said of Kohistani:

"She's a model for Asiana Magazine. She's a total babe and down to earth and lovely and refused quite categorically to sleep with me, but I live in hope."

The DR brings you some highlights from this woefully tacky event, below. No matter what people say about it now being a celebration of womanhood, the acid test always fails: A male equivalent is just wrong. It's still a cattle market where women are products.

The organisers have also introduced some lame group system, where only finalist can come from each 'world group'. Bizarrely Asia Pacific comprises ALL of Asia east of Lebanon, including Australia and New Zealand (?)

L to R from top left:
Miss Canada Ramona Amiri who won the 'Traditional Dance' section with some belly dancing. Wow. And her ambition is to be a doctor (yeah!) but she wants to be a dermatologist (boo!), Miss Albania
Suada Sherifaj (twice) and the slightly disappointing Miss India Sindhura Gadde, who did a degree in pharmacology and physiology, which means she couldn't get in to medschool.


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Seem ok to me!
Oi oi! I started this with such erudite aspirations. But it's slowly sliding to its ultimate destination - hot girls.

Vikrant, you didn't just take the tone down, you sank it underground. Although...do 16 year-olds do anything except wank?

People who take life sci/bio sci and are NOT in med school = med school rejects by default ?!

*cries in her corner*

I feel pressured into applying now.
Daksha, you know I'm just kidding! Just some gentle medschool humour, which I think stems from the fact that all biomed students in London are failed medical students (they admit it themselves) and several pharmacists I know applied to medschool - and some of them tried again once they'd finished pharmacy. No harm intended!
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Rohin, I was just kidding. Relax!

Watch me make the similar comments when I get in!

p.s. No post on partial face transplants?
Face transplants? Nah...I leave the mainstream stuff for the paper (the article was entitled Face/On, of course. Written by one of the staff writers, not me). The DR is all flounce and candyfloss. Well, kind of. The objective is to avoid stuff other people cover, as much as is possible.

Been reading your story. Hmm...you've got one letter in the name of your protagonist wrong. Enjoyed it :)
The blog is mostly fictional works. Very amateur attempts as you can tell.

Rohit was just a side character. But silly me for getting it wrong- I'll fix it next time!
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