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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Snowdon Returns to India
I'M not a big fan of The Independent Magazine, but I have a flick through every Saturday, especially as today's sported a picture of former Badminton head girl, Ros Pike (right), looking very foxy. Anyway, inside were some pictures from Lord Snowdon's forthcoming photographic study of India. The ex-husband of Princess Margaret has had two previous India projects and despite now being 75, wheelchair bound and recovering from a stroke, he worked 12 to 18 hour days to catalogue a nascent India. His new book is all about the Indian success story, featuring portraits of India Shining's 120 movers and shakers. Here are a few...please don't sue me Mr Independent.

Naseeruddin Shah has been concentrating on the stage more than the screen as of late. He runs a Mumbai-based theatre group called Motley with his wife and daughter. Snowdon wanted his subjects in comfortable surroundings, so Shah sits in his son's flat with some rather queer graffiti in the background.

Kiran Bedi
was described by Snowdon as being "absolutely charming and an extraordinary success story". She is now special commissioner of police intelligence, but not without overcoming huge obstacles. She was discriminated against simply for being a woman and sent to Tihar Jail, the largest in Asia, which houses 10,000 inmates. Her work was so impressive, she was awarded the Ramon Magsaysay Award in 1994.

Indira Gandhi could only give Snowdon a few minutes whilst on her aeroplane when he was still a British Royal. Whereas Dr. Singh gave the photographer 45 minutes in his garden, but Snowdon eventually chose a plain wall as the backdrop. On the right sleeps George Fernandes. The former defence minister said he feels most comfortable in his bedroom and soon man and dog were snoozing. Snowdon said "what British politician would allow a photo like that?"

Legendary south Indian dancer, feminist and human rights campaigner, Chandralekha sits outside her rehearsal hall. Now 76, she is still described by all as having fiery eyes, a serene sexuality and generally being a hot mama. One of India's most innovative dancers and choreographers, she has united bharatanatyam, kalarippayyat and yoga. Famed for the eroticism of her dances she continues to teach long after her pension was due. Cardio-thoracic surgeon Naresh Trehan was earning over $1.5million a year in Manhattan in the mid-80s and thought to himself that he was better than most of his American counterparts. Thus he opened up Escorts Heart Institute and Research Centre in New Delhi in 1988. It is today one of the largest specialist centres in the world and was the second hospital internationally to utilise robotic cardio-thoracic surgery techniques. I'm jealous.

The other little master, the Mozart of Madras, the Tchaikovsky of Chennai, Allahrakha Rahman.

Vijay Mallya isn't wearing his shoes because Snowdon didn't think they went with his suit. On the right is O P Jain, who is apparently referred to as India's cultural tsar, although I've never heard him called that. He has a lead role in conserving India's cultural heritage and founded Sanskriti. He stands in front of a sixteen year-old banyan tree he planted on his 60th birthday.


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I am commenting on this article, not because I have any interest in it what so ever, but rather, because I wish to see the alteration in the Samuel-L-Motherfucking-Jacksonification of the 'number of comments' tag.
Lol at quiffman!

I luuuuurrvvvve Naseeruddin shah. Possibly one of the world's greatest actors.
I vaguely remember an O P Jain who wrote a controversial book on Taj Mahal that was banned in India during Indira's time.

I wonder if it is the same one.
Hello Daksha! Where've you been?

Probably the same fella. I could do a google search or something...but it's past 4am and I have still got loads to do. I've only heard of this chap a few times to be honest.
I just did a quick google search and I had the guy mixed up with a certain P N Oak.
Not even close so I don't know why I got them mixed.

I was here just being a silent reader.

I really liked the 'what your kids won't get to see' series.
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