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The Daily Rhino
Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Great Scott!
AN email just arrived from The Quiffman™:

Marty kneels down in front of the gravestone. He pushes away some plants on the stone (maybe flowers?)

This can't be happening! (reads) Back to the Future 4? No, oh please God no, no, please God, please God, no, this can't be happening! This can't be happening! This can't be.....

A shadow appears on the gravestone. Marty hears a twig snap and turns around. It's DOC and EINSTEIN!

I'm afraid it is happening Marty, all of it!

What's he talking about? Only the
biggest news to hit all 1980s-born geeks who made a flux capacitor out of pipe cleaners when they were kids.

Back to the Future Part IV?

UPDATE! Anangbhai informs The DR it's all a hoax. Well not a hoax per se, more a misinterpretation. A hack asked him if he'd be up for a fourth instalment and McFRRRRY said only if he's plays The Doc.

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Jumpin Jigga-watts!! (not giga-watts)
Well, I'm not a child of the 80s, though I was born in 85. Saw this movie for the first time about 2 or 3 years ago. One of the better movies to come out of the 80s I think. Pure entertainment and always quotable.
But a part 4? Sounds pretty heavy. I hope there's a rythmic ceremonial ritual scene.
Quotes? I didn't want to appear too fucking weird in the post, but I learnt all the words to all 3 films as a kid, simply because I watched them so much. And to this day I still know every line of dialogue.

You've seen all 3, right? I can't believe you hadn't seen any till recently. In fact I'm quite stunned. It's like not watching Ghostbusters or Stand By Me until you're 20. Bordering on criminal. Perhaps it did mean more to a certain generation (Christ, I'm only 4 years older!) as it was such a major part of my childhood - I was obsessed with two trilogies as a child, this and DOCTOR JONES!
No time for Ruuv dactuh jonze!
Man, what is with all these geriatric movies? Ford is doing Indy IV, Rocky 6 and Rambo 4 and now McFLY?
Hey MCFLY! I thought I told you to never come in here..
What're you gonna do about it you pomade wearin' punk?!
6 hours later they're still waddling across the diner towards each other.
Btw, I'm trying to get a comic strip off the ground. I've got some scripts ready already, but I'm still looking for an illustrator/artist. Do you know any? I can't pay anyone, but if anyone's interested send em my way at anangbhai at gmail dot com.
Incontinent senile washed out motherfuckers at 10 o clock DAD!
Good heavensh juniah..you've really let yaw-shelf go...
Forget the luv handles and grab the machine gun will ya DAD!
I'm shorry juniah...curshe this damn arthritis...I knew I should've taken that celebrex. Juniah! Good news..
I just shhhaved a bunch of money by switching to Geico..
Yesh Juniah..?

I just realized this would make for a great comic strip. Well, maybe with a little bit more work.
No time for love maybe in my top 5 film quotes of all time.

I know lots of illustrators and cartoonists, including myself! But I'm not great and I'm painstakingly slow so I won't offer as I'll get nothing done. What kind of stuff? Cool idea.

Yeah I'm really not enamoured with these waaay-later movies. Hell, I think of Episodes I-III in the same vein, despite the fact the possibility existed from the start. Hannibal's another - shit.

Indy & BTTF are such great trilogies I'd hate to see them sullied like Silence of the Lambs and Star Wars were.

I had an interesting thought this evening though - McFry said he wants to play the Doc (even though Christopher Lloyd's still around) so...perhaps it's a prequel? The Doc's early life...

Ah yes, that won't work for two reasons. Firstly, Doc looks the same at all ages and secondly pre-November 12th 1955 brainwave there wouldn't be much of a film.
Ah, is that the kind of thing you're after? You have to work in Callista somehow! There's not much of her, easy to squeeze in somewhere.

Don't worry too much. Sepia Mutiny attracts too many deviants, socially inept, bad sense of humor ,and vaingrand-standers. For a month, I did not visit Sepia Mutiny.

I think it has a purpose and value. There are quite a few commenters who are very insightful and intelligent. These, I mostly read stuff and amuse myself rather than seriously comment. But then I may go back to old ways too.

Best. Don't worry............
Hoho, cheers Kush. Yeah when I was down at an out-of-town hospital, I took about a month off Sepia too. But I don't mind the odd bout of verbal sparring, keeps me sharp!
Getting back to my futile (so far) search for an artist, I think my preference would be someone who can do good caricatures/likeness of celebrities and people in the spotlight. As for style, I could care less as long as the humor gets through. So, if you know any, release the hounds...
Oh..and the whole part 4 thing was apparently a hoax. McFly hasn't been approached it was just a what if question someone asked him.
It was as if millions of fanboy voices cried out in horror, and were suddenly silenced...


Hey McFly! I thought I done told you never to make that film. Hey you ain't Seamus McFly. Sure look like him with that dog-ugly idea for a movie.

So it's a hoax! Hardly surprising. Cheers for the tip off. Should I be disappointed that I was taken in by it?

The Quiffman (who occasionally comments here) is a mate whose not only got a very similar sense of humour to the stuff we blab about here, but he's an awesome artist. I'll ask if he's got any time.
Here you go, one of his pieces that I found on my compooter: http://photos1.blogger.com/img/234/3432/1024/abcd.jpg
That IS the BEST! I laughed before I even read the punchline. Good nuff for me, I can do all the photoshop magic coloring stuff whatever they call it. What's his email?
I have a bad feeling Lucas is gonna come back and bite us in the ass. He's gonna make like a shitload of groundbreaking films and then...

21st century remix...OMG its teh 50 yr anniversary of SW! Everything is digitally replaced!
But seriously, I can't wait to see this guy go back to makign actual real films, and that may not happen because he may be too busy overseeing his giant corporation, which is unfortunate, because I still think Lucas has lots of good films in him.
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