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The Daily Rhino
Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Hot blogs and hotter girls
YOUNG Indian men are pervs. Old ones too. We hold these truths to be self-evident. Hence Aishwarya Rai quickly took the crown of having the MOST Internet fan sites. As Tim Berners-Lee famously said, the Internet was created for porn. For Indian boys all over the globe, the rise of sexy Bollywood girls led to all sorts of things rising - and in the Internet they had found their best friend. They would never again have to leave the house and, unlike magazines, monitors are wipe-clean.

A few days ago, the DR brought you the pick of Miss World, which included Miss England, Hammasa Kohistani (left). It turns out that the horny visitors to the web's leading Indian girlie site, SantaBanta, have clicked Hammasa above Miss India, racking up about 55,000 thousand clicks. Interestingly enough, the four girls picked out by the DR are the four with most SantaBanta clicks, England, India, Canada, Albania. Clearly SantaBanta's visitors have discerning tastes.

Most column inches dedicated to her have centred around death threats from nutty Islamists, but the DR sticks to the essentials. So Hammasa's officially got an Internet fanbase. Big star. Then the DR gets an invite to a party attended by Hammasa and other Asiana models, such as Tia (below), which took place yesterday. 'Fuck' is probably the only word suitable to fully express the sentiments of being unable to make it.

On the left is the new issue of Asiana's hot-or-not column. Asiana is the biggest South Asian magazine outside India bought by tens of thousands - and it's the publication that launched Hammasa's career. What's hot? That's right baby, blogs. Pickled Politics and Sepia Mutiny - the places I spend most of my time online. Huzzah!

The front cover promises of '50 Ultimate Eligible Bachelors' of the UK. Despite 49 being hunky dreamboats (always wanted to use that word in everyday speech), one particularly skinny Rhino-esque geek leaves a great deal to be desired. But there's no chance of me scanning THAT in.

Don't sue me Shabbs.


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it is not only indian men, all males and females of all races and colors are pervert at some time in their life.

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it is not only indian men, all males and females of all races and colors are pervert at some time in their life. goo sexy blogspot nice
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