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The Daily Rhino
Friday, December 23, 2005

The Middle East's finest female singers
I KNOW loads of people have featured this charming young lady in their blogs today, but I didn't get time earlier and I can't miss a chance to feature a hot woman. Well she's hot, but she kind of reminds me of Johnny from the Muppet Show:

Wafah Dufour, née Wafah bin Ladin, took her mother's maiden name soon after her infamous uncle blew up the World Trade Centre. She is pursuing a career as a singer in America, where she has lived since the age of 10. She will soon be appearing in glossy soft porn rag GQ looking rather anti-al Qaeda. Osama bin Laden's niece in a skimpy outfit in a lads' mag. EXCELLENT. She likes to say "ooh people go on about him but I've never met him and everyone in Saudi is related to him" but surely she realises that had it not been for her nefarious uncle, she would be nowhere near as famous. More about her here.

The DR likes to plug his friends, so it's high time Rouge were featured. Their first track, Don't Be Shy, was a big-ass hit all over the world, but since then they've been a bit quiet. Rouge are made up of Legha (right), Amrita (middle) and my favourite Laura. Why do I like her best? Cos she's been in me newspaper!

She's a few years below me at medical school and is our resident celebrity (after me, of course). Laura is originally Egyptian, a grade 8 classical singer and has already sung with Lemar. In my humble opinion, the most talented person on Envy's books. She, unfortunately, has some lame company on that record label.

Read the Medical Student interview with Laura here (page 15) or visit their fansite here.

Lastly, the barely-tolerable Sugababes have lost council-estate chic Mutya (such a pretty name) and replaced her with
Amelle Berrabah, who is originally Morrocan. I don't particularly care about this news, but I thought it completed the foxy Arab singer theme nicely.

Now, who's up for hitting a bellydancing joint?


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