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The Daily Rhino
Tuesday, January 17, 2006

More Medics go on Strike
Sorry about the lack of posting as of late, no time.

BACK in India, yet more doctors and medical students have gone on strike...and just down the road from where this occured. Two days ago, a rumble broke out upon the
Allahabad bound Meerut-Nauchandi Express Train, passing near Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, northern India. Young police (provincial armed constabulary) recruits and junior doctors came to blows, allegedly over a dispute involving seat reservation. However the doctors have accused the rookie police of "misbehaving" with some girls on the train.

In a nutshell, it seems the two groups exchanged punches on board the train, but when arriving at Moradabad, the train pulled into the wrong platform, where more police were waiting with truncheons and hockey sticks.

Since the punch-up, the doctors have claimed that five of their party are missing. It is thought they may have been pushed from the train by the coppers. As a result, doctors and medical students have gone on strike across the state of UP, including parties sitting on railway tracks to prevent any trains running. King George Medical University once again came to a standstill just days after its students blocked all entrances in protest of alleged negligence leading to the death of a colleague.

At least nine doctors and eight jawans have been admitted to hospital with injuries, but some of the juniors state up to forty doctors were injured. One of the police recruits was found lying near the tracks somewhere along the route and was admitted in a critical condition.

The group of doctors was returning from sitting the state post-grad registration exam.

Four Government Railway Police (GRP) personnel have been suspended. Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav has ordered an inquiry into the incident, to be conducted by Moradabad District Collector K S Atoria. ‘‘Action will be taken against those found guilty after the probe is complete,’’ said Mulayam.

Famous buffoon, Laloo Prasad Yadav, no longer chief minister of Bihar gave a statement as the Union Railways Minister:

‘‘We have asked the UP Government to immediately dismiss the jawans involved in the outrageous incident. There appears to be no fault on the part of the doctors’’

The state government has suspended four Government of Railway Police constables.


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Happy New Year rohin....don't know about any of the above...but a note (considering that you had a blog entry on it...) Unna ("Miss World" to you....was one of my dance students......damn..it's great being a choreographer!

Rohin..your the man!
Oopps still working out how to use these things....here's my blog:


Yo dude, just emailed you. The email basically consisted of lots of 'whoas' and jealousy that you got to teach Miss World! Nice one. Best of luck man and speak to you soon. Will update the site with your link.
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