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The Daily Rhino
Sunday, January 29, 2006

Talent: Sofia Boutella
Finally, a dance post.


YOU are quite likely to recognise Sofia, but you may not know her name. I decided to investigate further when I started to see her everywhere.

If you've watched
Hung Up by Madonna, you've seen Sofia. Although that particular video makes a habit of wasting the talent of several of the performers featured therein, namely Sebastien Foucan, Lo Life and Sofia herself.

However, what launched Sofia into the Queen of Pop's line of sight was Nike's first ever television advert made solely to advertise their women's range, choreographed by Jamie King. Watch it.

For another fitting demonstration of this young lady's talent, take a look at Axwell's Feel the Vibe (or try here), which I think is a very cool video as it's so simple; the only set used is a summer's day in London last year and there are only two actors.

Sofia hails from Paris and is the daughter of an Algerian composer. She trained in rhythmic gymnastics and even made the French team, before moving onto hip hop and breaking. I first noticed her when I picked up Le Defi, a dreadfully-written and acted French movie with some seriously hot dancing from some pretty well-known French dancers (even a cameo by Junior), including perhaps the most beautifully-filmed sequence of slo-mo headspins and 'mills ever committed to celluloid.

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Thums up to Sonya.

Hey, You should join/ check out www.desicritics.org.

They have been around only for three days and their quality - depth of analysis is far more superior than anything I have seen for blogs on South Asia/ South Asia related things.

As much I consider Abhi and Manish as friends and talented, they will be real counter to Sepia Mutiny.
It's funny you say that Kush, as I was emailed by desicritics a while ago asking me to join up - but I don't really consider myself a critic so passed it up. However just yesterday I was re-considering as I do tend to pass judgement on everything (= critic). I didn't know they'd gone online, I shall check them out now! Cheers.
Ro please enough with the modesty act. You're one of the most critical judgemental tell-it-like-it-is-and-hell-with-you-and-your-auntie desis I know. That's why we're pals :)

I belong to Desicritics but will probably contribute an article every fortnight or so. Will only post once I feel I have something unique to contribute.

So, you can your own pace in a blog which is contributed by 100s of bloggers. They is no "publish or perish" pressure per se.

I think you could give some unique prespective.
Well I'm now on board! So I'll hopefully contribute my first post soon (when I get some time!) Thanks for the heads up Kush.
Yay! I'm a Sofia fan!!
You can read view the new Nike vid at my site www.missmena.web-log.nl
hi! in my opinion, Sofia is the best dancer i have ever seen in my live!!! her new TV add for nikewomen is really briliant!!! her movements are perfect... and so on...

Juste pour te dire qu'un nouveau site sur Sofia Boutella vient d'ĂȘtre mis en ligne.


Bonne continuation
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