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The Daily Rhino
Wednesday, February 22, 2006

...service suspended...
itinerary small

Back in a bit.

In the meantime, sit back and enjoy(?) the first films I ever made, all a few years old now (and wait for 02:20 in the second one)

Tammy Nyp

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Oh Rhino, we hardly knew ye. Come to Toronto dammit. Noone ever visits. They like the Big Apple. Big CRAPPLE, I say.

Digging the Tube...
That ain't true grrl, I used to visit Uncle Ramon (an uncle in the sense of Uncle Ben) in the TO. But he popped his clogs a few years back.

Course, if I do come to Toronto, I'd demand a tour guide sans about page to show me around. I don't want to end up in one of those dodgy nights like Get Juiced. Man, only the dregs hang out at that sheeyat.
You will mos def have a tourguide, I know all the bestest alleys to drink in!

Get Juiced is a complete touge party, but they said they'd give me a Glasgow smile in my sleep if I didn't go. Please don't tell them I told you...
Alleys? Fuck, I think you're a bit too swanky for me.

Touge? You crazy husky-munching, snow-loving, maple syrup-guzzling canucks, what zany words will you think of next? Oh Canada, thou art too intense for me.

OK what does touge mean? I know what a Glasgee smale is though.
Have a great trip, Bong, beware the scary Aussies in Sydney ;-P, don't talk to the wrong sheep in Auckland.
Darn, i'll be missing the only Bong i ever liked for quite some time. BTW Rohin dude, was you loitering around at Knightsbridge yestaday? Thot i saw you... i was at Chelsea-Barca match... too bad we lost. I cant bear to see Gunners take the Champions League...

P.S the movies are nang man!! Sepcially like the OBL one... was that you as OBL?
supadupafly, thanks - I'll try not to get too amorous with those antipodean sheep.

Vik, I never knew you were a Chelski fan, ew. But no, wasn't me in Knightsbridge, I'm spending my days in London's outskirts at the moment, bloody boring placement. And yep twas a young(er) me as OBL. It doesn't really make any sense without the rest of the movie. But thar you go.
No gunner here my boy. Just a long-time Palace fan. But hey, at least you support a London club.
Vik, I never knew you were a Chelski fan, ew.

Firstly no matter what the russkie calls it, Chelsea will saty what it is. As for the ew thingy... i smell a gunner..
yeah, living the high life up in here. alleylife till i die. a touge is a tool or a douchebag. join the touge patrol posse. outing touges one at a time.
Bon voyage, Journey man
Question - The audio track in the first video sounds very familiar. Who by?
Come back quick you slag!
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