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The Daily Rhino
Friday, June 23, 2006

Ebert and Rohin
I BLAME Holland and the Druids. My Dutch and pagan ancestors were resurrected this summer solstice, as I donned my orange T-shirt to spite the Argies and worship the sun god (or whatever Druids did) by watching Argentina vs. Holland. Meh, boring match. So we drank. Then we thought a real-life Street Fighter II re-enactment was in order.

Ah, how we laughed as we hadookened.

Later, friend says "friend, your thumb."
I say "Oh yes, that's odd. Friend, I need to go to hospital."

Thumb Image019

It turns out being a doctor DOES have some advantages. About ten days after becoming one, I discovered preferential treatment. No, that's a lie. I demanded preferential treatment. And copious amounts of Entonox (nitrous oxide), which would've been useful had my uninjured friend not had more than me.

Xray comparison

A fractured metatarsal is the England team injury - Beckham, Owen, Rooney. But a mashed up metacarpo-phalangeal joint and fractured metacarpal is pure Bollywood. Why?

Image018 Hrithik Roshan

And Hrithik Roshan recently broke his thumb. HENCE it's surely only a matter of time before either him or I become the next face of...

thums up double copy

I still don't know how it happened, but I blame those goddamned Druids. And the Dutch.

Come on England!

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Wait. Does this qualify as you as a "hooligan" then? That a story for the kids.
Heya doktor Rohin saab! Lol sorry fer yer hand. I'm currently in Mumbai. Wazzup on yer side. Arent all the picklers meeting this weekend somewhere near embankment? too bad i'm not there! neeways one of these days i might just pay you a visit!
Abhi! Vikrant! Hello chaps. Crikey I do sound a bit hooliganistic don't I? But I never, ever start fights with other people, just my own friends ;)

Vik the meetup's already happened, I turned up for about a minute as I was busy playing cricket/watching the Foo Fighters/drinking/eating/celebrating my gf's birthday/my graduation. They met up in Hyde Park, where I was having a big picnic. Clashing appointments. But I'm sure there'll be another one soon - so perhaps you'll be around then.
dinch i tell ya? i'm ditching blighty. I really wanted to take STEPs but i dont see the point since i wont be treated as a home student anyways. On top of that according to custodial settlement thingy i cant change my citizenship until i'm 18! bah... lifes unfair.
Hey Rohin,

Well done on keeping yourself glued to the interweb: your onanistic efforts on PP are much appreciated, although the frequency/speed of response can only mean that you've been long accustomed to typing with one hand anyway :P

I thought I'd wish said hand a speedy recovery.

Take care Doktor Neek,
you know, I'd never gotten a really good closeup at Hrithik's "other" thumb. It's nice that he keeps it manicured nicely.

As for you... I'm just not surprised, yaar. ;) Hope you heal quickly and get back to some handbalances and crazy B-Boy action soon.
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