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The Daily Rhino
Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Wrong sort of stars
TODAY is a truly sad day. I mean, seriously fucking sad. Here's why:

Madame Tussauds will stop showing the traditional exploration of the solar system at the distinctive green-domed building in Baker Street. Instead visitors will be invited to embark on a voyage "around the worlds of fame and celebrity" at the renamed Auditorium.

I mean, please. What the fuck? What the motherfuck shit cunt tit? This is the most depressing thing I've heard in a while. Yet another example of the public's growing disinterest in science. The London Planetarium is, and has been for years, a bastion of popular science. It has brought the amazing universe of astronomy and cosmology to the masses for years. Most kids loved their trip to the Planetarium. Some children gazed up at the stars and were inspired for life. Like me.

The legend that is Patrick Moore simply said, "it is the most extraordinary thing. I am completely appalled."

The body that runs the Planetarium, Tussauds, is a Dubai-owned entertainment company. They claim that the Greenwich Peter Harrison Planetarium will cater for those who still maintain an interest in the stars and planets, but Greenwich is way over in east London, the Tussauds Planetarium is bang in the middle of town.

In other news - I've been asked to jump on board the new desicritics.org blog, so I'll be updating my blogroll imminently, along with Anthony King and Ethno Techno. Hooray.


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